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The Matchbox Toy KITT car Ross "found" at work : 3 Rosses

The KITT Car
Is recognisably KITT from the fantastic Knight Rider which ran from 1982 through to 1986 (we won’t speak about the blasphemous spin-offs).

However, one is disappointed at the lack of detailing and blatant inaccuracies on show.

The manufacturer made no attempt to replicate KITT’s fetching Trans Am alloy wheels and hub caps.

The T-top roof is also greatly lacking detail, with a noticeable lip and extra framework on the outer edges, which on the real car do not exist (much like Michael Knight himself).

The angular yet sweeping front end is also represented in a bulbous manner, and takes away from the central feature of KITT - his Cylon eye scanner.

Overall, I feel a child would appreciate the efforts here. Perhaps an adult would consider it for a whimsical desk ornament at work - should they work in a brain destroying office environment - and not have to worry too much about thieving cleaners or Ross “finding” it.

More serious random car finding collectors may wish to look elsewhere. I do, however appreciate that Matchbox have taken the effort to produce this inexpensive keep sake from a defunct TV series from the 80’s.

Rated on : April 9, 2021 at 15:22:33
by Micheala Knitte